COM (Customer's Own Material) Bedswing Seat Cushion

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Our bedswing seat cushion cover has a banded edge with double cording and is zippered for easy cleaning.  The seat cushion insert is a reticulated fiber. The fiber has open pores that allow water and air to flow easily through them. They are comfortable yet firm, made to retain form with use over the years. 

Once you select your cushion package size, you will have the choice to add tufts to your seat cushion. Our tufted seat cushion has a 3" thick insert and the cover is not removable. Each tuft is finished with a fabric covered button. 

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Seat Cushion sizing is as follows:

    • Original Bedswing Seat Cushion: 78.25" x 39" x 5"
    • Mini Bedswing Seat Cushion:  67.25" x 32" x 5"

Required fabric yardage (may vary depending on repeat):

  • Original Bedswing Seat Cushion: 6 yards
  • Mini Bedswing Seat Cushion: 5 yards

Please note that because this item is made to order, its estimated delivery date includes a longer lead time - typically four to six weeks.