About Us

Amidst busy professional careers and the arrival of their first child, Preston Stone (with the support of his wife, Barbara) built what would become the Original Charleston Bedswing®. The Bedswing gave their porch a comfortable connection between the outside world and the intimate life of the home.  It was a place to relax, unwind, and soak in the memories with family and friends; a place of happiness; and perhaps most importantly in the early days, a place to (successfully) rock their newborn to sleep.

Preston continued making Bedswings as a hobby during his spare time.  As word spread and demand grew, though, it became clear that he needed a partner for continued production, and the Original Charleston Bedswing® was officially launched in 2002.  Producing the Bedswings anywhere but locally was not an option, and it was an easy choice to partner with a long-standing maker of wood products and custom millwork based in South Carolina.  Along with their daughter and co-owner, Casey, Preston and Barbara work closely with the team to ensure each Original Charleston Bedswing® is of the same quality as the first one built so many years ago.  And rest assured, the quality is unbeatable.

When asked what they most enjoy about the family business, Preston and Barbara quickly responded, “The people. Sharing a product we are passionate about allows us the daily privilege of helping customers make their homes more inviting, and we are proud and thankful to be a part of that transformation.”  Outside of the Original Charleston Bedswing®, Preston and Barbara enjoy paddle boarding, cycling, home improvement projects, gardening, trying new food, walking the dogs (Rocky and Todd) on Sullivan’s Island, and spending time with family -- especially their grandson (Stone) and granddaughter (Weezie).