*Where should I hang my Bedswing?

The Original Charleston Bedswing is designed with the outdoors in mind, so that you may relax and enjoy the pleasures of the seasons in many climates. With proper care, you may expect many years of enjoyment on your bedswing. The best location for your bedswing is on a covered porch or inside, without exposure to direct sun or wet weather conditions. The bedswing is not intended for outdoor exposure without overhead cover.

*How do I hang the Bedswing? How much space will I need? How much assembly is required?

Your bedswing will arrive fully assembled and should be installed by a properly licensed builder or contractor. The best location for your bedswing is on a covered porch or inside, without exposure to direct sun or wet weather conditions. The bedswing is not intended for installation without overhead cover. We suggest the following hanging guidelines:
  1. Imagine a rectangle above where you plan to hang your bedswing (34″ x 80″ for Original, 27″ x 70″ for Mini).
  2. A 1/2″ by 4″ eye lag screw will go in each corner (give or take 1″ to 2″ is ok).
  3. The eye lag screws must go into at minimum a 2x6 board.
  4. Ideally, allow 1½ feet in front and in back of the bedswing and 1 foot on either side. It is possible to hang your bedswing with less clearance if vigorous swinging is not anticipated.
  5. Once the eye lags are installed in the ceiling, elevate the bedswing on sturdy, five-gallon buckets (we recommend using four). 
  6. If you plan to hang your bedswing with chain, four lengths of chain are included to accommodate your ceiling height; simply attach the chain at your preferred height to the shackles and then to the eye bolts. 
  7. If you added decorative rope to wrap the hanging chain, four lengths of rope will be included to accommodate your ceiling height. Once the hanging chain is placed, thread the rope through the ceiling eye lag and tie a knot, wrap the rope around the chain from top to bottom, and secure the rope with a knot at the bottom eye lag.
  8.  If you plan to hang your bedswing with rope only, four lengths of rope will be included to accommodate your ceiling height. Please know that rope is not as durable as our chain hanging options; and, rope may stretch and need to be adjusted over time. For each length of rope:
    1. Mark three feet from the top end of the rope with a piece of tape; thread the rope through the ceiling eye lag to the tape marker; tie a double half hitch knot, ensuring that the tape marker remains with the ceiling eye lag; pull tight and adjust as needed.
    2. Mark three feet from the bottom end of the rope; thread the rope through the bedswing eye lag to the tape marker; tie a double half hitch knot, making sure that the tape marker remains with the bedswing eye lag; pull tight and adjust as needed.
Accident or injury as a result of the bedswing installation, overloading the bedswing with an unreasonable number of persons, or engaging in rough-house play on the bedswing are the sole responsibility of the residential or commercial buyer. Under no circumstances shall The Original Charleston Bedswing Company, LLC be liable for incidental or consequential damages. 


Shipping and Returns

*My shipment location is not listed as an option at checkout. Can you ship to me? 

We are happy to help. Please contact us, and we will look into a shipment rate.

*If I order multiple items, is there a shipment discount available? 

In some cases, yes. Please reach out and we are happy to assist. 

*How soon will I receive my order?

Our typical lead time for bedswings and cushions is four to six weeks. We will make every effort, though, to ship your order as soon as possible. If you cannot accept delivery before a certain date, please notify us in advance.

*How do you ship such a large item and what are the charges?

Both the bedswing and cushions are shipped by freight and are shipped separately. Freight charges are based on your location and calculated during checkout. 

*Do you offer installation? 

We are happy to recommend our preferred installer in the Charleston area. Please contact us for details. 

*Do accept returns? 

We stand behind our product(s) and work closely with our shipment provider(s) to ensure your product arrives safely and without defect. However, if you are unsatisfied with your product in any way, please report any damages and/or lost and stolen claims within 15 days of shipment. Refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis. Only regular priced items may be considered for a refund. Custom and/or discounted orders cannot be returned or refunded. The customer/buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.

Paint defects such as peeling or bubbling are warranted within one year from the date of purchase. Should they occur, please contact us.


*Can you match the color of my Bedswing to existing décor?

Yes, we will match any Sherwin Williams paint color. 

*May I provide my own fabric for the cushions and pillows?

Yes. We offer COM (customer’s own material) for cushions and pillows. You will receive details of where to send your fabric in the order confirmation email. The Mini Bedswing Cushion Package requires 11 yards of fabric, and the Original Bedswing Cushion Package requires 12 yards of fabric. Additional yardage may be required for pattern repeat.

*Do you make cushions for other outdoor furniture? 

Yes. Please contact us with your measurements, fabric selection, and desired details (knife or banded edge, cording, ties, etc.), and we will provide an estimate. 

*Do you offer rope instead of chain to hang the Bedswing? 

Yes, we offer manila rope for hanging our bedswings or as a decorative add-on to wrap the hanging chain. We ask our customers to please keep in mind that rope is a less durable hanging option than chain; and, rope may stretch over time, making it necessary to adjust your bedswing.  

*Are you able to add tufts to the seat cushion? 

Yes. For a bedswing seat cushion with tufts, we use a 3" reticulated fiber insert and recommend 2-3 rows of 5-6 tufts across on the cover. Each tuft is finished with a fabric covered button. A tufted mattress is not removable (no zipper). Please contact us for an estimate. 

Care & Cleaning

*How should I care for my Bedswing and cushions?

Our wood species and exterior finishes are selected for durability. However, all products are vulnerable to weather changes, constant moisture being one of the worst. If the bedswing cushions and wood are overly exposed to moisture, they will become wet and at risk for deterioration. We therefore advise that you examine your bedswing regularly for pooling water or wet cushions in contact with the wood.
To keep your bedswing in premium condition, we suggest wiping it regularly with wooden furniture wipes and also applying a steel cleaning spray to the hardware and chain. Cushions should be removed whenever the bedswing is not in use, especially overnight, and the fabric should be cleaned regularly and/or at the first sign of dirt or stains.

For normal stains:

  1. Remove loose dirt with a soft bristle brush or hose down with cold water.
  2. Clean with mixture of water and mild soap. Rub in mixture with soft brush and allow to thoroughly soak into the fabric.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and air dry.
  4. Never use water over 100° Fahrenheit. Do not machine dry. For light cleaning, avoid the use of detergents.

For stubborn stains:

  1. Before bleach cleaning, make sure fabric is dry and has been vacuumed, and that the space is ventilated.
  2. Prepare a 10% bleach solution in water.
  3. Test the solution in an inconspicuous location first before applying over the entire fabric.
  4. Apply the cleaning solution using a misting spray bottle.
  5. Work the solution into the affected area by lightly scrubbing with a sponge or soft bristle brush. Make sure to work from the outside of the stain inward so as not to spread the stain. Rinse your sponge or brush frequently.
  6. Allow cleaning solution to linger on the stain no more than 1 hour.
  7. Rinse thoroughly to remove all residual bleach from the fabric.
  8. Allow fabric to air dry.
  9. Repeat process if necessary.