COM (Customer's Own Material) Cushion Package

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We are pleased to offer COM (customer's own material) for those who prefer a fabric outside of our Sunbrella and Outdura offerings. We require 8 yards of fabric to create The Mini Cushion Package and 9 yards for The Original Cushion Package. Additional yardage may be required for pattern repeat. We will contact you following order placement with details regarding where to ship your fabric. Shipping the fabric is at your own cost. 

Our Bedswing Cushion Package includes a bottom cushion and a back cushion, both zippered so you may remove the covers for easy cleaning. The back cushion has single cording and the bottom cushion is banded with double cording. You may also add side cushions, bolsters, or throw pillows at a reduced price. 

Our back and seat cushion inserts are a reticulated fiber, which has open pores that allow water and air to flow easily through them. The back cushion is also wrapped in a poly batting, for enhanced comfort. The inserts are comfortable yet firm, made to retain form with use over the years. If you prefer, we alternately offer outdoor pillow fill for the back cushion, which is a more casual option and may require fluffing.

Once you select your cushion package size, you will also have the option to add tufts to your seat cushion. Please note that a tufted seat cushion has a 3" thick insert and the cover is not removable. Each tuft is finished with a fabric covered button. 

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Cushion Package sizing is as follows:

Original Bedswing Cushion Package

  • Bottom Cushion (78.25" x 39" x 5"); 6 yards required
  • Back Cushion (78.25" x 19.5" x 6"); 3 yards required

Mini Bedswing Cushion Package

  • Bottom Cushion (67.25" x 32" x 5"); 5 yards required 
  • Back Cushion (67.25" x 19.5" x 5"); 3 yards required

Additional Options

  • Two large side cushions (for Original Bedswing - 31" x. 20.5") / (for Mini Bedswing - 24" x 20.5"); 3 yards required (1.5 yards per cushion)
  • Two bolsters (for Original Bedswing - 7" x 29" ) / (for Mini Bedswing - 7" x 23"); 3 yards required (1.5 yards per bolster)
  • Two throw pillows (20" square or 22" square); 2 yards required (1 yard per pillow)

Our offerings are made to order. Estimated shipment dates include a longer lead time - typically eight to ten weeks (unless your selected fabric is on backorder). We make every effort to deliver your order as soon as possible, though, so please be prepared to receive your item(s) immediately following placing the order. If you cannot accept delivery before a certain date, please notify us in advance. Due to space constraints, we do not hold shipments once your item is ready.