Hibernian Hall Rotunda Cutting Board

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The Rotunda Cutting Board was made with care by Bill, our friend in the Woodshop, drawing inspiration from the floors of the Rotunda at Hibernian Hall. The board is framed in cypress, with interior squares of heart pine, also framed in cypress, with smaller walnut squares in the lower left corners. Dual-sided and finished with non-toxic mineral-based chopping block oil.

Dimensions: 12" length by 9.5" width by 3/4 " thick. 

About the artist: A dentist by day, after hours Bill turns his skill to artistry in the creation of unique wooden products. Like Preston, Bill made furniture for years as a hobby and had a shop full of scrap wood. Tossing the scraps was unthinkable, so he started cutting and gluing them together, thereby creating his first board. Today, each board is the product of his careful craftsmanship made in part using his signature wood, magnolia. Some customers put their board to active use, as kitchen cutting boards or Bedswing trays, while others stage them as a work of art. Bill is happy to know his boards are enjoyed. Woodworking joins his lists of passions, including golfing, shrimping, and family - perhaps in that order. (as written by his wife).